Girl with four kidneys plans to donate

A teenage girl with four kidneys has decided to donate her two extra organs after the anomaly was discovered in Leeds, England.

Laura Moon, 18, was having an ultrasound investigate into why she was having stomach pains when the doctor made the astonishing discovery, The Mail on Sunday reported.

The doctor even asked to take photos to show his university students.

But now Moon is looking into becoming a live donor after hearing about Leeds resident Luke Heppenstall, 3, who urgently needs a new kidney after both of his were removed because of cancer.

"I'm not exactly sure how donations work but I know that I have four kidneys and would like to help somebody like Luke if possible," said Moon.

Transplant surgeon Niaz Ahmad of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said he had never seen anyone with four full kidneys.

"To have completely duplex kidneys on both sides is extremely rare," he said.

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