Overweight & Obesity

Review: inflammation's role in obesity-colorectal cancer link

(HealthDay)—A new review summarizes the ways in which inflammation and altered metabolism are associated with colorectal cancer in obese individuals; the review was published online Sept. 3 in Obesity Reviews.

Oncology & Cancer

Study supports tobacco link to ovarian cancer

(Medical Xpress)—Researchers from Curtin University's School of Public Health have contributed to a comprehensive international study examining risk factors for ovarian cancer.


Handling of confounding in diet and asthma, allergy studies poor

(HealthDay) -- Studies investigating the effect of diet on the development of childhood asthma and allergies generally have substantial shortcomings with regard to how they handle confounding and effect modification, according ...

Medical research

Study examines nicotine as a gateway drug

A landmark study in mice identifies a biological mechanism that could help explain how tobacco products could act as gateway drugs, increasing a person's future likelihood of abusing cocaine and perhaps other drugs as well, ...

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