B12 deficiency: A hidden trigger of inflammation?

A new study has identified a compelling link between vitamin B12 deficiency and chronic inflammation, which is associated with a range of health problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders.


Protein found to protect females against obesity

Associated with poorer mental health outcomes and reduced quality of life, obesity is on the rise in the United States. Currently, more than 30% of American adults are classified as obese. A risk factor for several diseases, ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Why men are at higher risk from COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a huge global impact since the initial outbreak in 2019. Men and women show different responses to this disease, with men having a higher risk from infection. The underlying cellular basis for this difference ...


Why strokes can affect women, men differently

(HealthDay)—It is often said that stroke affects men and women differently. Now, scientists say the location of the stroke's damage in the brain may help explain why.

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