Female sexual arousal: Facilitating pleasure and reproduction

Despite numerous studies, publications, and commentaries on human female sexual arousal and orgasm, there is still so much to study and understand about women's sexual pleasure.

A new review deals critically with many aspects of the genital anatomy of the human female in relation to inducing and its relevance to both procreation and recreation. A number of questions remain, including why there are so many sites for arousal, why multiple orgasms occur, and how sexual stimulation affects the brain.

"The review is an attempt to show the weaknesses in some current explanations of human female sexual functions and hopefully will stimulate more exacting studies," said Dr. Roy Levin, author of the Clinical Anatomy article.

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More information: Levin, R. J. (2014), Recreation and procreation: A critical view of sex in the human female. Clin. Anat.. DOI: 10.1002/ca.22495
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