Killer T cells surround a cancer cell. Credit: NIH

Many cancer survivors with high medical copayments experience financial toxicity, an economic side effect of cancer treatment.

A recent analysis of published studies found that few received financial information support from during their initial treatment, even though cancer-related financial toxicity has multiple impacts on survivors' health and quality of life.

The Psycho-Oncology analysis, which included 14 relevant studies, found that many patients with cancer lack awareness of financial toxicity and are unprepared for experiencing it.

Although cancer survivors try to cope with financial toxicity through different adjustments, they still have unmet needs for managing financial toxicity.

More information: Zheng Zhu et al, Cancer survivors' experiences with financial toxicity: A systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative studies, Psycho-Oncology (2020). DOI: 10.1002/pon.5361

Journal information: Psycho-Oncology

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