Archive: 8/06/2016

You could be paying more for less effective medicine

A new study suggests that weak drug regulation and misleading marketing can lead doctors to prescribe more expensive, riskier, and less beneficial drugs. "Under the Influence: The Interplay among Industry, Publishing, and ...

Portugese president vetos surrogacy law

Portugal's centre-right President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on Tuesday vetoed a law authorising surrogacy in some cases where a couple cannot conceive, quashing legislation adopted by parliament in May.

Portable probes hunt down cancer cells during surgery

Light, wireless probes the size of a large pen have been developed to identify cancer cells and suspicious lymph nodes during surgery. The probes, which EPFL helped develop, are now being tested by surgeons at the University ...

Parents-only therapy may be optimal in treating anorexia

Family therapy for 12- to 18-year-olds with anorexia nervosa, in which all household members participate and a meal is held in the clinician's office, may be less effective than a streamlined model involving only the parents ...

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