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Battles begin to turn in long war on TB

It kills millions of people and is carried by a quarter of humans, yet there has been just a handful of new drugs in decades and the only vaccine is a century old.


Millions with high blood sugar face TB risk

Millions of people with high blood sugar may be at greater risk of tuberculosis than previously thought, scientists said Friday, warning that diabetes and TB could combine to create the "perfect storm" of disease.


Congo hospitals openly jail poor patient

The most surprising thing about the fact that Congolese hospitals detain patients who fail to pay their bills is that it's no secret: Administrators, doctors and nurses openly discuss it, and the patients are held in plain ...

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Researchers calculate priority index for leptospirosis risk in Brazil

Researchers from NC State and the University of São Paulo want to reduce Leptospirosis in Brazil, where the disease is a major public health concern. So they've developed a risk-based priority index for all 26 Brazilian ...

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New weapons drawn in global TB fight

From a revolutionary way of testing children for tuberculosis to a cure for a previously untreatable strain, scientists from across the globe launched a fresh broadside Thursday against the world's deadliest infectious disease.

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Malaria resurgence is linked to reduction of malaria-control programs

Since the 1930s, there have been 75 documented episodes of malaria resurgence worldwide, most of which were linked to weakening of malaria control programs, finds a new study published in BioMed Central's open access journal ...

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What Africa still needs to do to eliminate malaria

Malaria is one of the oldest and deadliest infectious diseases affecting man. It is an ancient and modern disease – descriptions of illnesses similar to malaria are found in ancient texts from China, India, the Middle East, ...

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