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Gum infection may be a risk factor for heart arrhythmia, researchers find

Periodontitis, a gum disease, can lead to a litany of dental issues from bad breath to bleeding and lost teeth. Now, researchers at Hiroshima University have found that it could be connected to even more severe problems elsewhere ...


Study: Heavy smokers with severe periodontitis receive no benefit from treatment

Smoking can have a serious impact on the effect of the treatment of periodontitis—a widespread condition that leads to degradation of the teeth's supportive tissue and, in serious cases, to loss of the teeth.


Regenerative drug restores bone in preclinical study

Bone loss is a part of aging that compromises quality of life and movement in many older people, but regenerative treatments to improve their health and well-being have been limited. Now, a study led by Lankenau Institute ...


Black women suffer most from tooth loss, Brazilian study finds

In Brazil, tooth loss is 19% more frequent among Black women than White men. Among women, it is 26% more frequent for Blacks than Whites. Among Blacks, self-defined on the basis of skin color, it is 14% more frequent for ...


Variety in enamel composition may predict later tooth health

Tooth decay has forced unpleasant dental visits on most of the U.S. population. In fact, over 90% of adults have had at least one cavity. Furthermore, longer lifespans and egregious dental health disparities are contributing ...


Oral disorders research funding 'severely lacking,' finds study

Major government research funding schemes aren't keeping up with the burden of oral diseases, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland ...


Smoking, vaping both bad for your teeth and gums: Study

For those who care about their teeth, a new study sounds a pretty clear alarm: using tobacco in any form—including the increasingly popular practice of vaping—is a recipe for a dental nightmare.


Half of dentists say patients are high at dental appointments

As personal and medical marijuana use increases nationwide, the American Dental Association (ADA) suggests patients refrain from using marijuana before dental visits after a new survey finds more than half of dentists (52%) ...


Three common questions answered about brushing your teeth

Recognized yearly on Nov. 1—the day after the candy-filled and cavity-inducing Halloween holiday— National Brush Day reminds us to clean away all that sugar and reinstate some healthy habits to improve our oral health.

Medical research

Understanding oral bacteria to help fight periodontal disease

Using the extremely brilliant light of the Canadian Light Source at the University of Saskatchewan, researchers from Wilfrid Laurier University have advanced our understanding of how a specific group of bacteria in the human ...


New device for early detection of gum disease

Researchers from the University of Birmingham are developing a rapid test for gum disease, and they expect the technology—a probe for use in point of care settings such as dental surgeries or pharmacies—to play a pivotal ...


Inflammatory bowel disease tied to more gum disease

Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have a significantly higher frequency of periodontitis than healthy controls, according to a study published online Sept. 16 in the Journal of Periodontology.


Four health conditions linked to gum disease

Gum diseases are among the most common chronic human diseases, affecting between 20 to 50% of people worldwide. They happen when plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, builds up on teeth. The earliest stages of gum disease are ...


Genetic defects lead to enamel malformations

Mutations in a certain molecule result in severe damage in the structure and mineral composition of tooth enamel in mice, according to a study conducted at the UZH Center of Dental Medicine. The researchers combined genetic, ...


Gel treats gum disease by fighting inflammation

A topical gel that blocks the receptor for a metabolic byproduct called succinate treats gum disease by suppressing inflammation and changing the makeup of bacteria in the mouth, according to a new study led by researchers ...


Improved mineralized material can restore tooth enamel

Scientists have perfected hydroxyapatite, a material for mineralizing bones and teeth. By adding a complex of amino acids to hydroxyapatite, they were able to form a dental coating that replicates the composition and microstructure ...