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Gender-affirming care has a long history in the US—and not just for transgender people

In 1976, a woman from Roanoke, Virginia, named Rhoda received a prescription for two drugs: estrogen and progestin. Twelve months later, a local reporter noted Rhoda's surprisingly soft skin and visible breasts. He wrote ...


Self-identified gender reporting measures perform well in study of college students' drinking behavior

A tool allowing research participants to self-identify beyond binary categories of male and female performed well in a study of college student drinking. The study, published in Alcohol: Clinical and Experimental Research, ...


Pfizer buys biotech firm Seagen for $43 billion

US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced Monday that it had reached a deal to buy biotech firm Seagen, specializing in innovative cancer treatment, for $43 billion.

Medical research

Should doctors discuss religion with their patients?

A recent poll conducted by University of Michigan researchers found 71% of the 2,000 or so Americans surveyed (aged between 50-80 years) said they had religious beliefs that were important to them.


Red states join push to legalize magic mushrooms for therapy

Shawn Blymiller spent 10 years of feeling mostly numbed while prescribed traditional anti-depressants, trudging through his day-to-day life as a suburban Salt Lake City father of two kids balancing the obligations of family ...


AstraZeneca profits soar on cancer drugs, Alexion buy

Anglo-Swedish drugmaker AstraZeneca on Thursday posted surging annual net profit, boosted by cancer treatments and the integration of biotech unit Alexion following a blockbuster takeover.

Medical research

What do medical students learn from family medicine clerkships?

Medical student clerkships, the full immersion learning experiences in practice-based facilities for medical students, have learning objectives to define what students should learn by the end of their rotation, but medical ...


Canadian endocrinologist among Wolf Prize winners

A Canadian endocrinologist whose research has helped develop therapies for diabetes and obesity and three chemists whose work has advanced the understanding of RNA were announced Tuesday as winners of Israel's prestigious ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

CDC reports on prevalence of seasonal and food allergies, eczema

In two January data briefs published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics, data are presented regarding the prevalence of seasonal allergy, eczema, and food allergy ...


How long can a healthy human live?

The death of the world's oldest person at the age of 118 has reignited a debate that has divided scientists for centuries: is there a limit on how long a healthy human can live?


Exploring the features of music that people fall asleep to

A new study has identified several characteristics typical of music associated with sleep, such as being quieter and slower than other music. However, popular sleep music playlists on Spotify also include faster, louder, ...


World's oldest known person, French nun, dies at 118

A French nun who was believed to be the world's oldest person has died a few weeks before her 119th birthday, the spokesperson for her nursing home in southern France said Wednesday.


Pharma lobby blasts 'stupid' pandemic patent plans

Stripping patent protection from COVID-19 treatments is a "mind-bogglingly stupid" idea, the head of a leading pharmaceutical lobby said Wednesday, warning that the move would put industry innovation at risk.


AstraZeneca buys US biotech firm CinCor

Anglo-Swedish pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca on Monday agreed to buy US biotech company CinCor for $1.8 billion, expanding further into the field of heart and kidney drugs.


The clitoris—a brief history

"What's the difference between a bar and clitoris? Most men have no trouble finding a bar." In the world of humour, the clitoris remains a mystery: supposedly small, and so inevitably difficult to locate. "Which dinosaur ...


California university apologizes for prisoner experiments

A prominent California medical school has apologized for conducting dozens of unethical medical experiments on at least 2,600 incarcerated men in the 1960s and 1970s, including putting pesticides and herbicides on the men's ...


Top figures in COVID fight leaving in WHO shake-up

Two of the World Health Organization's most senior figures in the fight against COVID-19 are quitting next week, according to a letter from the WHO chief seen by AFP on Tuesday.


EU project aims to improve first response in major emergencies

Major emergencies such as terrorist attacks and natural disasters have become more complex and larger in scale, challenging the ability of first responders to deal with the overwhelming numbers of casualties. As they battle ...


Tracing the origin of Kampo, Japan's traditional medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around for centuries. With a history of almost 3,000 years dating back to the early Zhou Dynasty, it has been incorporated into China's present medical system. The traditional practice ...