Academic Medicine

Academic Medicine is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges. The journal serves as an international forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and strategies to address the major challenges facing the academic medicine community as it strives to carry out its missions in the public interest. The journal’s areas of focus include: education and training issues; health and science policy; institutional policy, management, and values; research practice; and clinical practice in academic settings.

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Accelerated MD program doesn't mar academic performance

(HealthDay)—An accelerated baccalaureate (BA)/doctor of medicine (MD) program does not impair the academic performance of medical students, according to a study published online July 3 in Academic Medicine.


The arts improve medical care through learned observation

The visual and narrative arts can help physicians hone their observational skills—a critical expertise increasingly needed in today's medicine, contends a Georgetown University Medical Center family medicine professor.


Suboptimal prescribing attitudes could signal personal distress

(HealthDay)—Medical students in personal distress may be more likely to have suboptimal attitudes about self-prescribing and personal responsibility for reporting impaired colleagues, according to a study published in the ...

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