British Journal of General Practice

BJGP is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing articles of interest to family practitioners and primary care researchers worldwide. The journal is sent to over 45,000 clinicians and researchers each month, and its 2011 Impact Factor is 1.83, making it one of the world's most highly cited journals of general practice and primary health care. BJGP began in 1953 as the ‘College of General Practitioners’ Research Newsletter’, with the ‘Journal of the College of General Practitioners’ first appearing in 1960. Following the change in status of the College, the ‘Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners’ was launched in 1967. Three editors later, in 1990, the title was changed to the ‘British Journal of General Practice’. The journal is now commonly referred to as the BJGP.


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Psychology & Psychiatry

Researchers identify early signs of bipolar disorder

Other mental illness diagnoses, taking psychotropic medication prescribed to treat those illnesses, and specific health service use patterns are strong indicators of bipolar disorder, show researchers from the University ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

GPs can play a key role in diagnosing vulval lichen sclerosus

Primary care professionals should think beyond thrush and genitourinary symptoms of menopause (GSM) when women present with vulval symptoms and consider the diagnosis of vulval lichen sclerosus (VLS), research led by the ...

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