Cell Systems

Cell Systems is a broad, multidisciplinary monthly journal for outstanding research that provides, supports, or applies systems-level understanding in the life sciences and related disciplines. Manuscripts describing novel discoveries, milestone achievements, broadly useful tools or resources, or insights into the use of technology may all be appropriate. Quantitative integrative studies that reveal general principles of systems are particularly welcome.


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Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Discovery may lead to personalized medicine for infectious diseases

An infectious disease is a condition in which a microorganism (virus, bacterium, or parasite) manages to penetrate and multiply in the human body, causing direct damage to the body's cells. The damage to the body may also ...

Oncology & Cancer

Reconsidering oxygen's role in growth of tumors

Yale researchers have made a discovery that changes conventional thinking about the role that oxygen plays in the growth of tumors—an area of cancer research that has been intensely studied in recent years.

Oncology & Cancer

The X chromosome is silenced in some male cancers

Cancer cells acquire genetic anomalies that allow them to grow and proliferate unchecked. Researchers have now found another difference between cancer cells and normal cells: the X chromosome, typically only inactivated in ...

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