European Urology

European Urology, the official journal of the EAU, has been a prestigious urological forum for over 35 years, and is currently read by more than 20,000 urologists across the globe. With an impact factor of 8.843, the journal has become the leading scientific publication in the field.

European Association of Urology
Impact factor
8.843 (2010)

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Oncology & Cancer

Smoking worsens prognosis for men with prostate cancer

Smokers have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer, but a higher risk of dying from the disease, according to a large population study led by Lund University in Sweden. The researchers followed more than 350,000 people ...


Therapeutically effective drugs for bladder cancer identified

Hundreds of chemical compounds were screened on cell cultures representing different stages and subtypes of bladder cancer and several promising agents with inhibitory (growth-inhibiting) effects were identified. A drug used ...

Oncology & Cancer

Early prostate cancers can harbor aggressive tumor cells

Many cases of early prostate cancer are dominated by cells that are slow-growing, often leading to a clinical decision to monitor for progression before initiating treatments that can have adverse side effects.


Prostate cancer medicine is not a cure for COVID-19, study shows

A medicine that blocks testosterone and is used against certain types of prostate cancer would, it was hoped, also help against COVID-19. But the hope has not been fulfilled: Following a clinical study and register studies, ...

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