Frontiers in Neural Circuits

Frontiers in Neural Circuits is a first-tier electronic journal devoted to understanding the emergent properties of neural circuits, which constitute the elementary modules of the brain. The connectivity matrixes forming these circuits are still poorly understood, and the general rules by which they operate are still a mystery. Major challenges are to understand the structural and functional architecture of these neural circuits and how their particular designs lead to the emergence of complex properties and behaviors. Articles revealing the anatomy, physiology, development and function of any neural circuitry in any species, ranging from sponges to humans, are welcome. Our common thread is the study of the computational strategies used by different circuits, seeking to link a circuit structure with its function (either perceptual, motor, or internal). Submissions focusing on the synaptic, cellular and connectivity principle in neural microcircuits using multidisciplinary approaches are encouraged and also submissions of studies using newer molecular and genetic tools. We particularly welcome studies with an evolutionary perspective to better understand how circuit design and capabilities evolved to produce progressively more complex properties and behaviors. The journal is also interested in research revealing how plasticity shapes the structural and functional architecture of neural circuits.


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The hunt for disrupted brain signals behind autism

Part of understanding the underlying causes of autism spectrum disorder relies on figuring out which cells' signaling patterns in the brain are disrupted, and when during nervous system development the disruption occurs.


Paper proposes new way to understand how the neocortex works

Scientists at Numenta propose a major new theory about how the human brain works. While neuroscientists have amassed an enormous amount of detailed factual knowledge about the brain, there remains no unifying theory as to ...


How neural circuits implement natural vision

At any given moment, the neuronal circuits in the brain receive and process sensory information that permits us to perceive and interact with the environment. Yet it remains unclear how the visual brain processes natural ...

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