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Human Nature is dedicated to advancing the interdisciplinary investigation of the biological, social, and environmental factors that underlie human behavior. It focuses primarily on the functional unity in which these factors are continuously and mutually interactive. These include the evolutionary, biological, and sociological processes as they interact with human social behavior; the biological and demographic consequences of human history; the cross-cultural, cross-species, and historical perspectives on human behavior; and the relevance of a biosocial perspective to scientific, social, and policy issues.

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Psychology & Psychiatry

People donate more when they sense they are being watched

The mere presence of a pair of eyes on a sign requesting donations makes people more likely to give more. This is according to a field study in Springer's journal Human Nature. Lead author Caroline Kelsey of the University ...


Don't lose sleep over sharing your bed with your pet or kids

About half of all pet owners share their beds or bedrooms with their pets at night. Although this has been the case through the ages, remarkably few studies have been done about the benefits and drawbacks of this practice. ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Your gender-stereotypic genes may be giving you a leg up in dating

Your success at speed-dating might be influenced by your genetic make-up and your potential partner's ability to detect so-called "good genes," or genetic fitness. This is according to a study in Springer's journal Human ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Serious research into what makes us laugh

More complex jokes tend to be funnier but only up to a point, Oxford researchers have found. Jokes that are too complicated tend to lose the audience.

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