Is blood pressure reading more accurate at home or clinic?

Blood pressure measurements routinely taken at home are more likely to provide the basis for accurate diagnoses of hypertension than those taken in a clinic setting, according to a new study led by Kaiser Permanente investigators.


Delayed US sodium targets may cost 250,000 lives

Last October, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized a set of short-term, voluntary goals for lowering salt levels in foods—five years after they were proposed in 2016. A new study published today in Hypertension—a ...


Blood lead levels in Haiti 'a warning for other countries'

Blood lead levels among the population of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince are on average five times higher than in the United States, say researchers, highlighting the urgent need to address the problem in developing countries ...


Maternal deaths caused by chronic hypertension continue to rise

Chronic hypertension is contributing substantially to maternal deaths in the United States, with particular risk among Black women, according to new research from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School's Department of ...

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