Journal of Neurochemistry

The Journal of Neurochemistry is a peer-reviewed scientific journal established by the International Society for Neurochemistry in 1956. The journal covers a variety of subjects within the field of neuroscience, but focuses in particular on the "molecular and cellular aspects of the nervous system, the pathogenesis of neurological disorders and the development of disease specific biomarkers." Every issue is available online and articles older than one year from after 1997 are available for free. The journal is published by Wiley-Blackwell. The journal is currently indexed in BIOBASE, Biochemistry and Biophysics Citation Index, Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews, Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents, MEDLINE, Neuroscience Citation Index, PsycINFO, Science Citation Index, and Scopus.

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Scientists unravel the function of a sight-saving growth factor

Researchers at the National Eye Institute (NEI) have determined how certain short protein fragments, called peptides, can protect neuronal cells found in the light-sensing retina layer at the back of the eye. The peptides ...


Smoking cessation drug may treat Parkinson's in women

Texas A&M University College of Medicine ressearchers have recently discovered that cytisine—a smoking cessation drug commonly used in Europe—reduces the loss of dopamine neurons in females. These findings provide potential ...

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