Matter, a sister journal to Cell, is a monthly journal encompassing the general field of materials science, from nano to macro, fundamentals to application. Recognizing that materials discovery and development facilitate groundbreaking technologies bridging multiple disciplines, Matter will embrace all significant advances in materials research, encompassing the previously unknown and the innovative. A key focus will be on transformative research, related to fundamental structure, synthesis and assembly, properties and performance of emerging material systems, as well as novel characterization methods, thereby encapsulating key aspects of materials science. Materials of focus can be any state, any scale, any composition – i.e., any Matter - with scientific or technological interest, theoretical or otherwise.

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Medical research

Simple spray could keep COVID away

What if preventing respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19 and influenza could be as easy as a quick spritz of nasal spray every morning?

Medical research

An artificial tissue restores erectile function in pigs

Scientists have developed a synthetic tissue that repairs injuries and restores normal erectile function in a pig model, in a study publishing January 4 in the journal Matter. The findings suggest that the artificial tunica ...

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