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Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Australians with hepatitis B are slipping through the cracks

The current system of only screening risk groups for hepatitis B is failing a third of people living with the chronic disease in Australia, according to the authors of a Perspective published today by the Medical Journal ...


Opinion: Children must be vaccinated against COVID-19

Vaccination of children must be part of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout if Australia is to have any chance of reaching herd immunity, say leading experts in InSight+, the weekly news magazine of the Medical Journal of Australia.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Triage rules needed for health workers

A warning has been issued that Australian health workers face legal risks if they make triage decisions during a disaster—and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the problem sharply into focus.


When chest pain hits, it's best to call an ambulance

The value of calling an ambulance when chest pain strikes, rather than arranging your own transport, has been confirmed by new research published today by the Medical Journal of Australia.

Medical research

Too much unhealthy media coverage of medical tests

A large global study published today in the leading US medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine finds the media is often failing to cover the potential harms of new medical tests which are designed to detect the early signs ...

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