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npj Digital Medicine is an online open-access journal dedicated to publishing high quality peer-reviewed research in all aspects of digital medicine including the clinical implementation of digital and mobile technologies, virtual healthcare, data analytic methodologies and innovative sensor development to provide the necessary data and longitudinal monitoring to best inform the broadest medical community. The journal aims to guide innovation and the transformation of health and healthcare through the incorporation of novel digital and mobile technologies.

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AI may help physicians detect abnormal heart rhythms earlier

An artificial intelligence program developed by investigators in the Smidt Heart Institute and their Cedars-Sinai colleagues can detect a type of abnormal heart rhythm that can go unnoticed during medical appointments, according ...

Oncology & Cancer

Study shows AI improves accuracy of skin cancer diagnoses

A new study led by researchers at Stanford Medicine finds that computer algorithms powered by artificial intelligence based on deep learning can help health care practitioners to diagnose skin cancers more accurately. Even ...

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