Nutrition and Cancer

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How pomegranate extract alters breast cancer stem cell properties

A University at Albany research team has found evidence suggesting that the same antioxidant that gives pomegranate fruit their vibrant red color can alter the characteristics of breast cancer stem cells, showing the superfood's ...

Oncology & Cancer

Epigenetics: A new link between nutrition and cancer

In "Epigenetics: A New Link Between Nutrition and Cancer", a recent article from Nutrition and Cancer: An International Journal, a publication of Routledge, researchers explore the possible effects that diet can have on ...

Oncology & Cancer

Lifestyle factors linked to less aggressive prostate cancer

(HealthDay)—Adherence to lifestyle recommendations intended to reduce the risk of cancer generally is associated with a lower risk of highly aggressive prostate cancer in men newly diagnosed with the disease, according ...

Oncology & Cancer

Tea drinkers may be at greater risk of prostate cancer: study

(Medical Xpress) -- Men who are heavy tea drinkers may be more likely to develop prostate cancer, according to research from scientists at the University of Glasgow which is published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer.

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