Formerly known as Obesity Research, Obesity is the official journal of The Obesity Society. Available in print and online, Obesity is dedicated to increasing knowledge, fostering research, and promoting better treatment for people with obesity and their loved ones. Obesity publishes important peer-reviewed research, cutting-edge reviews, commentaries, and public health and medical developments.

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Study confirms that processed foods key to rising obesity

A year-long study of the dietary habits of 9,341 Australians has backed growing evidence that highly processed and refined foods are the leading contributor of rising obesity rates in the Western world.

Overweight & Obesity

Editorial: Finding the solution to obesity

In the 20 years since Barbara Corkey, Ph.D., was named Editor in Chief of the journal Obesity, obesity among adults has risen significantly. Data from the National Center for Health Statistics show that one third of U.S. ...

Overweight & Obesity

Study examines strategies to recover from weight regain

Science shows that weight regain over time is common, but a new study—co-authored by a Cal Poly faculty member—has gathered new data on effective strategies to recover from weight regain.

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