Personality and Individual Differences

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Psychology & Psychiatry

Impostor syndrome: When self-doubt gets the upper hand

People who systematically underestimate themselves and their own performance suffer from so-called impostor phenomenon. They think that any success is due to external circumstances or just luck and chance. Those people live ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Fear of catching COVID-19 heightened Americans' disgust sensitivity

Theory has it that disgust sensitivity—how intensely a person is repulsed by images, ideas or situations that could be considered terribly gross or merely unpleasant—is an evolutionary trait that initially helped humans ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Scientists uncover self-other moral bias at the conceptual level

Self–other bias can engender disagreement, misunderstanding, and conflict in real-world interactions. Moral perspectives are powerful in shaping thoughts and behaviors. Whether there is a self–other moral bias is poorly ...

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