Psychological Research

The journal Psychological Research publishes articles that contribute to a basic understanding of human perception, attention, memory and action. It is devoted to the dissemination of knowledge based on firm experimental ground, independent of any particular approach or school of thought. The contents include theoretical and historical papers as well as those of an applied nature that serve to bridge the gap between basic and applied research.

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Psychology & Psychiatry

Out-of-context photos are a powerful low-tech form of misinformation

When you think of visual misinformation, maybe you think of deepfakes—videos that appear real but have actually been created using powerful video editing algorithms. The creators edit celebrities into pornographic movies, ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Hugs evaluated

In emotionally charged situations, people tend to hug each other from the left side more often than in neutral contexts. Biopsychologists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), headed by Julian Packheiser, Noemi Rook and assistant ...