Maggots make a comeback in Mexico

Doctors in Mexico are beginning to use a centuries-old and cost effective treatment for the healing of wounds -- maggot therapy.

The San Antonio News-Express repored on the comeback of maggots, which particularly in Mexico, have been protecting diabetics and others from the threat of limb amputation due to wounds.

Maggots have been used throughout the centuries because of their ability to eat away bacteria in places that can be hard to reach with an instrument. Diabetics and other patients in Mexico have praised the little critters for healing feet, legs and hands that otherwise may have been amputated.

Biologists said that candidates for maggot therapy are usually in serious condition, with painful infections that go deep and can rapidly cause parts of the body -- particularly feet and lower legs -- to rot.

The therapy is proving especially valuable for diabetics, who may be gravely threatened by even a minor cut.

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