Conjoined twins facing uncertain future

Emma and Taylor Bailey are being examined in Arizona to determine the viability of separating the 17-month-old conjoined twins.

Mandy Bailey says no matter the final outcome of the medical tests, her infant daughters will continue to enjoy as normal a life as possible, The Arizona Republic reported Sunday.

"They're doing all the normal stuff that babies do," the proud-yet-concerned mother said. "They're doing great, and their physical therapy is going wonderfully."

Any potential medical procedures involving the twins could be problematic because the infant girls share a single chest cavity and a heart with seven chambers. Therefore, any planned separation would require both Emma and Taylor to receive artificial hearts until they could receive a heart donation in the future.

Doctors have warned the family that even if the girls survive any separation procedures, they would face a long and painful recovery period.

The Republic said that while any medical costs should be covered, the family would still need to move out of Arizona to find available separation surgical options.

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