How many people have you slept with? 2.8 million?

September 23, 2009
Men claim to have directly slept with nine partners while women say they have had six partners, Lloydspharmacy said.

The average British man or woman has slept with 2.8 million people -- albeit indirectly, according to figures released Wednesday to promote awareness of sexual health.

A British pharmacy chain has launched an online calculator which helps you work out how many partners you have had, in the sense of exposure to risk of (STIs).

The "Sex Degrees of Separation" ready reckoner tots up the numbers based on your number of partners, then their previous partners, and their former lovers, and so on for six "generations" of partners.

The average British man claims to have actually slept with nine people, while women put the figure at 6.3, giving an average of 7.65.

"When we sleep with someone, we are, in effect, not only sleeping with them, but also their previous partners and their partners' previous partners, and so on," said Clare Kerr, head of at Lloydspharmacy.

"It's important that people understand how exposed they are to STIs and take appropriate precautions including using condoms and getting themselves checked out where appropriate."

More information: Work out your Sex Degrees of Separation total here.

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Sep 23, 2009
This comment has been removed by a moderator.
1 / 5 (2) Sep 23, 2009
Intelligence is an attitude I once told Chris Phoenix; recent physorg entries are convincing me ever more of this! The Curiosity breads intelligence article and now this!

I've always had good instincts; as far as I can tell, I'm one in a million as far as looks are concerned; but, i havn't had any women! There's a lot of factors that i think come into play; i'm intellectual and don't hang out with the crowd; but, I think the effort to find someone willing to find another intellectual has proven impossible! They're all incrowders! And, in this society, that means irrationalists! They'll say and do anything!

I've become autosexual; and, I've come to kind of see the virtues! No stds! And, the honest truth is sex and the human form is quite awkward and grouse(spelling?) in every respect; i think men like nice breasts because most woman don't have nice tits! 95% of the women look like they're parents didn't love them or something! What god!? Especially a male god!?

1 / 5 (1) Sep 23, 2009
Back to the point about being satisfied with just wanking off; well, at one time, I thought, wanking off on a fine arse is just as good as actual sexual intercourse!(not that I've actually done so; but, using a little imagination and being honest . . .); hell, why not just use some nice silk pillow!

Getting onto further thought . . . i wish for a future of human cloning; just make a bunch of female eggs; know how to keep them fresh or regenerate more; we'll never need any women! Well, maybe women could turn around and do the same! Shoot, I've heard women say if they came back to life after death, they'd prefer to come back as a male! Men don't have to deal with half the you know what females do!
5 / 5 (1) Sep 23, 2009
Although 'silk pillow' may sound like something in the same ballpark, I'd really have to say what makes it better is hearing the girl moan, feeling her move, and knowing full well that you're the one doing it. I'm not knocking a bit of fapping here and there, but I don't think signing off and saying you don't need it is really the way to go.

While I do agree with you that the egg thing would be easy if we could keep them stored and viable, I would say the only way we should be allowed is when someone dies. Picture this: someone close to you dies, you get their death certificate, you bring it to egg storage and trade it for a new baby. That's an interesting thing.

The problem we'd face is people wanting many, many babies. We're already at 6 billion on an earth that can sustain 1 billion comfortably. We're using stored carbon to produce energy, to produce food for mouths that shouldn't be. I'm not saying make children illegal, but maybe don't offer government assistance past two.
Sep 23, 2009
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Sep 23, 2009
This comment has been removed by a moderator.
Sep 23, 2009
This comment has been removed by a moderator.

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