US doing 'scientific research' to boost interrogations

An elite US interrogation unit will conduct "scientific research" to find better ways of questioning top suspected terrorists, US intelligence director Dennis Blair said Wednesday.

"It is going to do scientific research on that long-neglected area," Blair told the House Intelligence Committee, without elaborating on the nature of the techniques being tested.

A spokesman for Blair, Ross Feinstein, also declined to detail "specific research projects" but stressed that any such projects would follow US law, which forbids torture, and abide by internal review safeguards.

Blair said the task would fall to an interagency group of top US interrogators from across the intelligence community dubbed the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG).

"We've given it the responsibility of doing the scientific research to determine if there are better ways to get information from people that are consistent with our values," he said.

Blair said the HIG charter required it to abide by the US Army Field Manual, which forbids abusive interrogation techniques.

US tactics in the global war on terrorism have drawn heavy scrutiny in the United States and overseas because of the past use of techniques like waterboarding that meet international definitions of torture.

Obama formally abolished such methods shortly after taking office, drawing fire from former vice president Dick Cheney, who described them as critical to thwarting terrorist attacks in the wake of the September 11, 2001 strikes.

Asked to detail the research, Feinstein replied: "We are not going to discuss specific research projects, but Intelligence Community-sponsored research is performed in accordance with the law and institutional review board processes."

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Feb 03, 2010
I am happy that the main historical legacy that Dick Cheney will leave behind for generations to follow is that he is a torturer and by international law, a war criminal. He wants this legacy, he insists on it, and I am quite willing to let him have it. I thank God that Bush finally divorced himself from this policy years before he left office. But it is a real stain on his legacy that he didn't stand up to the Cheney's of his administration until 2004 or later.

I heartily agree that non-brutal methods of questioning deserve research and real investigation, simply because we must get the maximum amount of information from our detainees. Its just that brutality has been demonstrated by anyone who knows anything in the field to simply not work.

Feb 03, 2010
Didn't the Nazis do the main "scientific" research in to torture? Can't we just break open the books they wrote and take up where Mengele left off?
What happened to the Constitution and Human Rights (like those recognized in the Bill of Rights)?

Feb 04, 2010
Dick Cheney will leave behind for generations to follow is that he is a torturer and by international law, a war criminal.
How exactly did he break international law? Last I checked the "international laws" on torture are only extended to uniformed combatants, not nationless partisans.

Feb 04, 2010

1) That applies to countries, not individuals. So the US could be charged, but not an individual within.

2) The UN cannot enforce laws without the consent of member countries.

3) It's not a law, it's a written statement on a stance.

Feb 07, 2010

You must be another idiot like flyingbuttressman or something...

"human rights"...what human rights should we impart to people who are willing to sacrifice themselves to kill unarmed civilians in unprovoked attacks?

Muslims have no rights. Their only "right" is to die by the hand of God or the person He appoints, because they are murderers. They deserve capital punishment, and decent people have a right to extract any useful information from them by whatever means necessary. They forfeited whatever "human rights" they had when they chose to murder and to support other people who are murderers.

See Genesis 9:5-6.

There is a special place in hell for terrorists who butcher innocents, especially innocent children, and it's going to be full of muslims, atheists, NAZI, and abortionists...

Matt. 18:6, Mark 9:42.

Feb 07, 2010
Ahhh Genesis -- the first and last word on ethos -- for certain apes, anyway.
Ook Ook, my fellow e-judges.

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