Researchers test benefit of fish oil in bowel cancer spread

Researchers test benefit of fish oil in bowel cancer spread

(Medical Xpress) -- Researchers from the University of Leeds will carry out a series of experiments to see whether fish oil can prevent or treat the spread of bowel cancer to the liver.

The cancer scientists will test the effectiveness of pure (EPA) - a naturally occurring omega-3 fish oil component which is widely available in mixed fish oil preparations in health stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Gastroenterologist Professor Mark Hull, based at the Leeds Institute of , University of Leeds, will use results from the initial experiments to design a future clinical trial to test the effect of pure EPA in humans at risk of or with metastatic .

The research is being funded by Yorkshire and it will hopefully back up existing evidence from a previous clinical trial from Leeds that showed that EPA may prevent large , the benign precursors of large bowel cancer.

"We and others have already demonstrated that EPA might have beneficial effects at a later stage after development of malignancy," said Professor Hull.

"These new tests will help us establish whether EPA can prevent the spread of large bowel cancer to the liver, the commonest site of spread and eventual cancer-related death which we call metastasis.

"The tests will also help us establish how EPA reduces growth of established in an experimental system prior to design of the clinical trial."

The trial published last year, which involved 55 patients with the rare inherited condition Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) thought to be responsible for about one in every 100 bowel cancers, saw a significant reduction in the size and number of pre-cancerous growths, known as polyps, in those patients who took a two gram daily dose of EPA in the free fatty acid form over a six month period.

Another promising study currently being led by the Leeds team involving nearly a 1000 patients, is investigating whether taking EPA alone, or together with aspirin, can help stop pre-cancerous growths from developing in the bowel.

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Jul 03, 2011
Take the fish oil, stop eating refined / process grains - white bread, white past, white rice - and take the five fibres: psyllium husk, oat bran, rice bran, ground lin seed (flax seed), and slippery elm powder, also eat plenty of fresh, lightly cooked cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, bok choy). Eat lots of leafy greens, and fruit too.

Minimise the amount of burned or highly browned meat you eat. Cooking meat at high temperatures produces heterocyclic amines: http://www.cancer...ed-meats

I'm not saying don't eat meat, just cook it lightly, at lower temperatures (think stir frying or steaming), less barbecue.

Those few things (fish out, high fibre diet, lots of fruit n veg, minimal burned meat) are the best way to decrease your changes of contracting bowel cancer.

Also goes a long way to assist in the prevention of many age related degenerative diseases.

Also, get some exercise.

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