Texas hospital isolates patient for Ebola tests

A patient with symptoms of Ebola has been placed in strict isolation at a Texas hospital, and test results are expected later Tuesday, a spokesman told AFP.

No details about the patient were released, but the hospital said it was evaluating the person based on "symptoms and recent travel history."

Test results are expected from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tuesday afternoon, said Stephen O'Brien, spokesman for the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

The world's largest outbreak of Ebola virus has infected 6,574 people across five west African countries, and killed 3,091, according to the World Health Organization.

An American doctor who was exposed to the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone was admitted Sunday to a clinic of the National Institutes of Health outside Washington.

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Dallas hospital monitoring patient for Ebola

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Sep 30, 2014
Like I said, we should not be bringing potential infected onto mainland.

There should be an infirmary vessel off-shore, and the suspected infected should be quarantined for 2 to 3 weeks to ensure they are not infected, or insure they have recovered and are no longer contagious.

The CDC is doing the exact opposite of the optimum isolation strategy.

All personnel exiting the affected regions in Africa should be quarantined on a Navy vessel's infirmary until their status as a non-contagious individual is confirmed.

If they need treatment, bring additional doctors and equipment to the ships. Bring isolation chamber equipment, etc, and put it on a few vessels designated specifically for this task.

What the CDC is doing, bringing infected back to their home country for treatment in a traditional hospital, is dangerous. Eventually, if you keep doing this strategy, someone is going to screw up and start an epidemic here.

Oct 05, 2014
Offshore medical facilities - either ship as mentioned by other commenter or a platform, like the offshore drilling platforms, would better isolate persons and medical staff working with highly contagious, dangerous infectious materials / patients and reduce exposure to a very scared population and the hype generated by such fears. Doing the most to prevent such isn't bringing someone from one country inside of another, and quarantine seems to loose for those who seem determined not to be. That said, please apply the best medical facilities / care reasonably afforded.

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