Physicians feeling more positive about ACA

Physicians feeling more positive about ACA

(HealthDay)—Physicians seem to be feeling more positive about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to an article published Oct. 21 in Medical Economics.

The article discusses physicians feelings toward the ACA based on data from a survey conducted by the Medicus Firm. More than 2,200 physicians in 19 specialties were surveyed, using an A through F scale to grade the ACA.

According to the article, more physicians gave an "A" overall this year versus last year (8.6 versus 6.3 percent). There was also a decrease in the percentage that graded the ACA as a failure, from about 30 percent in 2013 to 22 percent in 2014. Twenty-three percent of physicians gave the ACA an "A" and 27 percent gave it a "B" with respect to improving access to health care. Almost 14 percent of physicians said that the ACA had failed with respect to improving , a decrease from 24 percent last year. With respect to improving efficiency of health care, only 7 percent of physicians gave the ACA an "A" and nearly 30 percent said the ACA is failing.

"Not only are their careers and daily lives significantly impacted by this law, physicians are also on the front lines, seeing the effects of the ACA on patients, , and the industry, for better or for worse," said Jim Stone, president of the Medicus Firm, according to the article.

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