Protein push could help dieters fight fat

Protein push could help dieters fight fat
Leonie Ruddick-Collins is looking for volunteers for her research into protein consumption and weight loss.

Can a high protein diet help people lose weight?

A QUT PhD researcher is looking for volunteers to help investigate the relationship between and weight loss.

Leonie Ruddick-Collins, from QUT's School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, needs volunteers who are struggling with their weight and want the opportunity to understand more about their metabolism and nutrition requirements.

"Whole body protein turnover (WBPT) is a process which can be beneficial for maintaining muscle tissue. We know that dieting places a stress on the body which may result in a decrease in WBPT as well as detrimental effects on metabolism and appetite," Ms Ruddick-Collins said.

"Increased protein during dieting may minimise these effects.

"We also know that people who are overweight have a reduced ability to regulate carbohydrate and , but much less is known about their regulation of protein.

"Higher protein intakes may also have favourable effects on metabolism and appetite."

Ms Ruddick-Collins is looking for male and female participants aged between 18 and 50 who have a Body Mass Index of between 30 and 40 and have had less than a 2kg change in weight in the past six months. Participants must not be currently taking or dieting and have a device capable of downloading apps.

Participants will receive personalised measurements of fat mass and fat free mass, daily energy requirements and current energy and nutrient intakes compared to recommended daily guidelines.

Volunteers will be required to record food intake for eight weeks and consume a protein supplement for four weeks. They must also be available for testing sessions and follow-up phone calls.

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More information: For more information or to take part in the study, go to or email
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