PCPs report mixed feelings about recent health care changes

PCPs report mixed feelings about recent health care changes

(HealthDay)—Primary care providers have mixed feelings about recent changes in health care, according to a study published by the Commonwealth Fund and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Researchers surveyed primary care providers (1,624 physicians and 525 nurse practitioners and physician assistants) regarding their experiences with and reactions to recent changes in and payment.

The researchers found that responses about the impact of health information technology on quality of care were generally positive. Opinions about the increased use of medical homes and accountable care organizations were mixed. Providers were found to be more negative overall about performance assessment via quality metrics and about being penalized financially. Frustration about the speed and administrative burden of Medicaid and Medicare payments was expressed by many physicians.

"As primary care transformation efforts mature and spread, it will remain important to judge their effects on patients in terms of access, quality, and costs of care. However, it is also important to assess their effect on clinicians," the authors write. "Market trends in have been affecting physicians' satisfaction for more than 20 years. It will be important to monitor providers' satisfaction with delivery reform efforts."

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