Nation's pediatricians to rally around children's health issues

An expected 10,000 pediatricians and other health care professionals will gather in the nation's capital October 24-27 to deepen their knowledge and widen their scope on child advocacy at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference & Exhibition.

The conference, taking place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, will address top issues impacting children's health, including climate change, toxic stress, escalating , electronic cigarettes, sports injuries and media exposure. The conference features more than 350 presentations by leaders in the pediatric medical field, along with other speakers such as political commentator Cokie Roberts, who will deliver a plenary address at 11:30 am on Saturday, Oct. 24.

During the conference, the AAP will release several major new policy recommendations, including new policies on tobacco and e-cigarettes, climate change and children's health, for children, and the injury risks surrounding tackling in youth football. More than 900 original research abstracts will be presented on topics ranging from marijuana consumption to bullying. The abstracts will be posted online Friday, Oct. 23.

Media highlights include:

  • A half-day symposium on Friday, Oct. 23 will examine strategies to help children survive and thrive despite traumatic events and toxic stress in their lives.
  • Pediatrician volunteers will gather at noon on Friday, Oct. 23 to assemble non-perishable, nutritious meals at the convention center to benefit Stop Hunger Now. The AAP is publishing a policy statement on food security.
  • A plenary address and new AAP policy statement on Sunday, Oct. 24 on tackling and injuries in youth football.
  • A presentation Monday, Oct. 26 by National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins on genetics in pediatric health care.
  • A plenary address by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack on Monday, Oct. 26 about the AAP and USDA's shared work promoting child nutrition, building from the recommendations in the Academy's new food security released Oct. 23.
  • On Tuesday, Oct. 27, Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence, will speak about the personal impact of rising gun violence on American families.
  • Pediatricians will rally on the steps of the U.S. Capitol at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 27 to advocate for strong federal policies to protect children's health.

For a complete list of plenary sessions, visit:

Journalists may obtain embargoed news releases on these presentations and selected abstracts by contacting the AAP Department of Public Affairs. Embargoed news releases will also be posted on (media log-in required).

For information about covering the conference, including how to register, media guidelines, press room arrangements, meeting highlights, and a media availability schedule, visit the AAP Press Room at:

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