Medicare announces 'Part B' premiums for outpatient care

Medicare has announced the monthly "Part B" premiums for outpatient care next year.

Most current beneficiaries will not see a change from the $104.90 a month they pay now, said Tuesday's notice. They will avoid an increase because there won't be a Social Security cost-of-living increase in 2016.

But nearly 3 million new beneficiaries will pay $121.80 a month.

And upper-income retirees will pay more, ranging from $170.50 a month to nearly $390 for individuals making more than $214,000.

The premium is closely watched because it's paid by most seniors, who generally have money deducted from their monthly Social Security checks.

The different premium amounts are the result of the recent budget deal between the administration and Congress that trimmed what would have been even bigger premium increases for some.

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