E-cigarettes have immediate effects on pulmonary function

E-cigarette smoking is increasingly promoted as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking, but a growing body of evidence points to its potential dangers. Adding to the evidence, researchers will report at CHEST World Congress this month on a study of e-cigarettes and the immediate effects on pulmonary function in healthy and mild asthmatic young smokers.

In a study of 54 young cigarette and e-cigarettes smokers, 27 had mild controlled asthma and the others were otherwise healthy. Measurements of (oscillometry) and inflammation (exhaled ) were worse after e-cigarette sessions, and these findings were more severe in asthmatics.

"These results show that as it happens with cigarette smoking, e-cigarette smoking has more deleterious short-term effects on asthmatics compared with healthy smokers," said Dr. Andreas Lappas of the Hellenic Cancer Society, Athens, Greece. "Additionally, this research adds to the growing body of research pointing to the dangers of e-cigarettes. Especially for asthma, further research is needed in order to assess the risks of long-term e-cigarette use."

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More information: Andreas Lappas, Immediate Effects of e-Cigarette Smoking in Healthy and Mild Asthmatic Young Smokers, Chest, /04/2016, linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrie … ii/S0012369216012344
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