Dietitian provides super swaps for the big game

Just as everyone is recovering from holiday eating and getting their new year diet and exercise routine into gear, one of the biggest eating days makes its way onto the calendars. Roberta Anding, a registered dietitian with Baylor College of Medicine, offers some healthy food and drink swaps as the ultimate quarterback sneak for the big game.

"The Super Bowl is usually time for a food fest of high-fat and high-sugar foods," said Anding. "Your friends and family won't be the wiser if you try these healthy alternatives."

  • Offer lower calorie mixers for drinks
  • Add grilled vegetables to your sandwiches and deli trays
  • Choose 2 percent milk-fat cheese
  • Always offer vegetables and hummus
  • Try bean chips instead of – they have a great crunch and are a good source of fiber and protein
  • Consider a pulled pork option for the main course – a pork tenderloin is a lean protein and can be cooked overnight in a slow cooker with onion and barbecue sauce
  • Consider a lighter potato salad option, like this Mediterranean potato salad
  • Control portions for dessert or consider adding fruits, nuts and dark chocolate. Chocolate covered fruit is also a good dessert option.
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