Giving birth may be riskier today than in the past

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A new article explores how the double burden of malnutrition and the global obesity epidemic may be reshaping obstetrical difficulties experienced by women.

Malnutrition in socioeconomically challenged populations can alter growth and reduce both stature and the dimensions of the pelvis in women while in these very same populations the is resulting in excessively large newborns. This combination may be resulting in more difficult and dangerous birth conditions than previously faced by humans. Healthy nutrition is critical for addressing this dilemma.

"'Maternal obesity is emerging as a new issue in relation to the difficulties of giving birth, and this means that obstructed labour may occur even when women are tall and have relatively larger pelvic dimensions," said Prof. Jonathan Wells, author of The Anatomical Record article.

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More information: Jonathan C. K. Wells, The New "Obstetrical Dilemma": Stunting, Obesity and the Risk of Obstructed Labour, The Anatomical Record (2017). DOI: 10.1002/ar.23540
Journal information: The Anatomical Record

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