Trump administration proceeds with Obama-era calorie rule

The Trump administration is moving ahead with Obama-era rules that will require restaurants, stores and pizza delivery chains to list the calorie content of foods they sell.

The decision to press ahead with the new rules contrasts sharply with President Donald Trump's efforts to dismantle regulations and the major parts of Barack Obama's legacy, including the signature 2010 which gave rise to the calorie labeling rules.

The Food and Drug administration on Tuesday published draft guidance for establishments covered by the rules, which will take effect in May 2018, explaining how to comply.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a statement the guidance helped make compliance with the rules "practical, efficient and sustainable... across the diverse retail food landscape (and) to reach our important underlying goal sooner."

Posters, billboards and coupon mailings will not have to carry , while supermarkets and convenience stores will not necessarily need to post such information next each item in self-service buffets and drink stations, he said.

The agency also "made many other clarifications and accommodations" to make sure the new requirement takes effect on time and "succeeds for the long-term."

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