New workflows have potential to address provider burnout

New workflows have potential to address provider burnout

(HealthDay)—New solutions are needed to address burnout among health care team members, yet, in a catch-22 situation for health industry leaders, change fatigue contributes to burnout, according to a Vocera Communications report entitled In Pursuit of Resilience, Well-Being, and Joy in Healthcare.

Rachel Abrahams, M.P.H., from the Experience Innovation Network (part of Vocera Communications), and colleagues examined how leaders from 160 hospitals, clinics, and health systems are addressing , as well as supporting the well-being of care team members.

The authors note that four key imperatives form the backbone of successful and sustainable strategies to improve burnout. These include: building an intentional, human-centered culture; employing a comprehensive approach to burnout and well-being; cultivating a team mindset; and integrating burnout and well-being strategies with all other organizational priorities.

"This report aims to help care leaders approach improvement in a way that does not exacerbate the problem, but rather unlocks and enhances the inherent resilience, well-being, and joy of their teams," the authors write.

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