Romania: authorities offer money for in-vitro fertilization

Authorities in the Romanian capital have promised financial aid for women who seek fertility treatment to get pregnant in a bid to increase falling birthrates.

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea adopted a project Wednesday that will provide 13,800 lei ($3,700) for women who seek . Up to 1,000 women will be able to benefit from the aid, to be paid in three installments.

The project also grants 2,000 lei ($540) to women for medical expenses not covered by insurance while they are pregnant. About 20,000 babies are born annually in Bucharest.

Firea said one in six couples is affected by infertility and Romania ranks fifth in the world for infertility rates.

The per-capita rate for IVF treatment in Romania is only a tenth of that in Western Europe, the city hall said.

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