Mayo Clinic introduces first-aid skill for Amazon Alexa

Mayo Clinic has introduced a new skill for Amazon Alexa, giving a hands-free way to access first-aid information. A skill is a new capability a person can add to their Amazon Alexa-enabled devices which creates a more personalized user experience.

Once enabled by the user, the new Mayo Clinic First-Aid skill for Amazon Alexa can provide voice-driven, self-care instructions for dozens of everyday mishaps and other situations while it offers quick answers from the most trusted sources in health care. Simply saying, "Alexa, open Mayo First-Aid" will enable a user to access common topics related to first aid and have health guidance delivered through Alexa-enabled devices, such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and more.

Individuals can interact with this free Mayo Clinic First-Aid skill for Amazon Alexa through prompting questions or statements. For example, just say, "Alexa, ask Mayo First Aid how do I treat my baby's fever?" or "Alexa, tell Mayo First Aid I need help for a burn," and content from Mayo Clinic is spoken as a response by Alexa. The Mayo Clinic First-Aid skill should not be used if a person is in a life-threatening or emergency medical situation. In those situations, individuals should seek immediate medical assistance.

"Mayo Clinic produces trusted, evidence-based health guidance to empower people to effectively manage their health," says Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., general internal medicine physician and associate medical director, Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions, which develops products and services which extend Mayo Clinic expertise through employer, payer, provider, consumer, and partner channels. "This is the first health guidance skill Mayo Clinic has developed and launched for Amazon Alexa. Voice-enabled experience is a new and growing channel for reaching people and delivering information they are seeking, whether or not they have an existing relationship with Mayo Clinic. Creating this first-aid skill is another way Mayo Clinic can provide relevant information to consumers where and when it's needed."

The new Mayo Clinic First-Aid skill for Amazon Alexa was developed with Mayo Clinic health care providers using industry-leading, voice-first technology. This skill joins Mayo Clinic Flash Briefing for Amazon Alexa. This daily, 60-second audio news feed features the latest breaking medical news and insights from the Mayo Clinic News Network.

More information: Visit for information on how to get the Mayo Clinic First-Aid skill.

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