UN: 'Substantial risks' remain in Congo's Ebola outbreak

Ebola virus particles (red) on a larger cell. Credit: NIAID

The World Health Organization says "substantial risks" remain in the ongoing Ebola outbreak in northeastern Congo, noting that while control measures appear to be working, health officials are still unable to track exactly where the deadly virus is spreading.

The U.N. health agency in a new statement says most patients recently admitted to Ebola clinics were given experimental treatments and that many contacts of cases have been immunized with a novel vaccine.

Four of the 13 new cases from the city of Beni were not previously identified as contacts, meaning officials don't know how they were exposed to Ebola.

WHO also reports "sporadic instances" of high-risk behaviors like unsafe burials, which could worsen the outbreak. To date, there have been 86 confirmed cases including 47 deaths.

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