Fine water particle sprays improve facial skin moisture

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In aSkin Research & Technology study, spraying fine water particles onto the facial skin of adult women in winter, when skin is dry, improved skin hydration and softening. In addition, water retention remained constant at 360 minutes after spraying.

The benefits occurred because the diameter of the sprayed fine water was smaller than the intercellular spaces in the , and the particles were non-charged. Typical steam and mist humidifiers generate larger water particles and increase indoor humidity that can promote mold growth.

The findings indicate that sprays of non-charged fine water particles may help moisten skin in low humidity environments.

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More information: Naoki Nishimura et al, Effect of spraying of fine water particles on facial skin moisture and viscoelasticity in adult women, Skin Research and Technology (2018). DOI: 10.1111/srt.12648
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