AAP: Social media companies must curb spread of vaccine myths

AAP: social media companies must curb spread of vaccine myths

(HealthDay)—Google, Facebook, and Pinterest need to take more action against the growing threat to children posed by online misinformation about vaccines, the American Academy of Pediatrics said in a letter sent to the social media companies.

"Pediatricians are working in our clinics and our communities, talking with families one-on-one about how important vaccines are to protect their . But it's no longer enough," AAP President Kyle Yasuda, M.D., said in an academy news release. "Our worst fears are being realized as measles outbreaks spread across the country. I reached out to the technology industry with an urgent request to work together to combat the dangerous spread of vaccine misinformation online."

Google (which owns YouTube), Facebook (which owns Instagram and WhatsApp), and Pinterest all say they are taking steps to tackle the problem, but the AAP says more needs to be done to ensure that parents have credible information about vaccines. In the letter, the AAP asks the companies to meet and discuss ways to work together to achieve that goal.

"We have an opportunity—and in my view, an obligation—to work together to solve this public health crisis," Yasuda said. "It will take commitments across all sectors—local and , the medical and public health community, and the technology industry—to do so."

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Mar 06, 2019
How can we justify separating out just one Social Media Myth from all those that are currently circulating such as the government conspiracy myths that can be summarised by the following proposition:

Successive US governments only pretend to be incompetent and leaky with regard to secret information and only pretend to expose every secret of the other party but actually cooperate to plan and execute conspiracies and then cooperate across party lines to keep all evidence of the conspiracies secret without leaks every having exposed a single word to date.

How does that figure on the plausibility scale?

Mar 12, 2019
"Social media companies must curb spread of vaccine myths"

Why? Shouldn't social media companies be doing everything possible to maximize their profits?

If spreading fake news about vaccination increases their profits then they have a moral reason for doing so.

Every True capitalist will agree.

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