Italy sets record for daily COVID vaccinations

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A record 600,000 doses of COVID vaccine were administered in Italy on Friday, authorities said, putting the country in second place in Europe for the number of people fully vaccinated.

"Yesterday was marked by a number of injections in 24 hours which touched the 600,000 mark while the number of doses administered crossed the 37-million mark," the government body in charge of vaccinations said on Saturday.

"Italy is in in Europe in terms of the number of people fully vaccinated, just behind Germany and ahead of France and Spain," it added.

It said Friday's record vaccinations were in part due to an increase in the number of vaccination centres which now stood at 2,666 against 1,500 at the start of March. About 800 new centres will be opened in the coming weeks.

According to official government figures, 37.06 million vaccine doses have been administered and 12.7 million people—or nearly 24 percent of the population aged above 12—have been vaccinated.

The pandemic has claimed 126,415 lives in Italy where the of cases and deaths has been falling steadily in recent weeks.

The government has been slowly easing COVID restrictions, relaxing a night curfew and opening up indoor dining in restaurants and bars.

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