Yoga helps reduce work-related stress

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Physical relaxation through yoga or other practices can help reduce work-related stress, according to an analysis of studies conducted in healthcare staff.

The analysis, which is published in the Journal of Occupational Health, included 15 randomized clinical trials with a total of 688 healthcare workers. The studies examined the effects of yoga, , progressive muscle relaxation, and stretching on alleviating stress and improving physical and .

Overall, the physical relaxation methods reduced measures of occupational stress compared with no intervention. More detailed analyses indicated that only yoga and massage therapy were more effective than no intervention, with yoga being the best method.

"Work-related stress has been linked with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and other serious causes of morbidity. Our results suggest that physical relaxation methods are helpful in reducing occupational stress," said lead author Michael Zhang, MD, of the Southern Nevada Health District. "Yoga is particularly effective and can be delivered virtually, making it convenient for employers to offer distance options to promote worker health."

More information: Michael Zhang et al, Physical relaxation for occupational stress in healthcare workers: A systematic review and network meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials, Journal of Occupational Health (2021). DOI: 10.1002/1348-9585.12243

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