Need a doctor? Google can now help you find places that accept your health insurance

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Looking for a new doctor who takes your health insurance? An update to Google search might make that easier.

Google announced updates to search results providing more information on doctors, such as which insurance providers they accept and what languages they speak in their offices.

For example, if you search for doctors near your city, it will pull up results you can refine with details such as "accepts Medicare."

When you search for a specific doctor, you can click on an option to check insurance info to learn more about what plans they support.

"By providing timely and authoritative health information, plus relevant resources and tools on Google Search, we're always exploring ways to help people make more informed choices about their health," said Hema Budaraju, director of Google search, in a statement.

Search results for doctors will also show whether they speak multiple languages in their offices. Google says results support over a dozen languages including Spanish and American Sign Language.

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