Amid shortage, more infant formula to arrive in US next week

Amid shortage, more infant formula to arrive in U.S. next week

Shipments of infant formula from Australia and the United Kingdom are expected to arrive in the United States next week as part of the Biden administration's ongoing effort to ease a nationwide shortage of formula.

Under the Operation Fly Formula program, 2 million cans of Kendamil from the United Kingdom are to begin arriving on June 9. That is the equivalent of 3.7 million 8-ounce bottles and will include about 3.2 million bottles worth of Kendamil Classic Stage 1 and 540,000 bottles worth of Kendamil Organic, CNN reported. The U.K. formula will be sold at and online, and the first shipment will be available at Target stores in the coming weeks, the White House said in a statement on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Bubs Australia said it expects to send about 250,000 cans of infant formula—the equivalent of about 4.6 million 8-ounce —on two flights to the U.S. next week, said company CEO and founder Kristy Carr. The will leave Australia on June 9 and June 11 and arrive in Pennsylvania and California, respectively, the White House said.

"We would hope that at least some of the retail [stores] will have our products within days of landing. The retailers are just as keen to work with us and the Biden administration task force to ensure this happens," Carr told CNN. "We want to make sure we have coverage right across the country. We're going to be prioritizing the areas that are in most need and vulnerable communities."

Bubs plans to send another approximately 250,000 infant formula cans in two more planeloads in the next few weeks, Carr told CNN.

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