More biosimilars marketed in Germany, Switzerland than U.S.

More biosimilars marketed in germany, switzerland than U.S.

More biosimilars have been marketed in Germany and Switzerland than in the United States, but uptake has increased over time in all countries, according to a study published online Dec. 2 in JAMA Network Open.

David L. Carl, from the University of Zurich, and colleagues examined uptake and of biosimilars in the United States versus Germany and Switzerland in a . For 2011 to 2020, prices and sales data were extracted from public and commercial databases.

The study cohort included 15 biosimilars and six biologics for the United States; 52 and 15 for Germany; and 28 and 13 for Switzerland. The researchers found that in all countries, uptake of biosimilars increased over time. On average, the highest biosimilar market share at launch was seen in Germany; however, in the United States, it increased at the fastest rate. Monthly treatment costs of biosimilars were a median of 1.94 and 2.74 higher in the United States versus the corresponding costs in Germany and Switzerland.

"Policies for drug pricing negotiations in the United States against anticompetitive practices of exclusionary contracts could allow biosimilars to enter the market sooner and at lower costs, which could result in lower health care costs and improved patient access," the authors write. "Awareness of biosimilars should be promoted to increase the uptake of biosimilars in all three countries."

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